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If at first…

If at first you don’t succeed…

A couple of great pieces from The Christian Science Monitor on Second Acts or the art of starting over.


Success Through Failure

Came across this great article over the weekend about how failure drives success.


Where’s My Water, 2nd Installment

I found another water machine!! And, bonus points awarded because it’s located very close to my parking deck! And near a bathroom! So it can be my first stop of the day when I come to campus.


This one is different from the other as this one is touch sensitive. You simply sit your bottle on the pad and the water dispenses. No pesky pushing a button.

Scoping out a hang out

Day 0, continued….

I’m walking around campus now, trying to scope out good spots to work on campus, or take a break. I’m not bringing a computer with me, so I need to find a public computer spot for working online.

Some quiet
Not glaring fluorescent lights
Some level of comfort with seating

I’ve checked out the library, and the second floor will be my spot for computing. Lighting is good and there is lots of space. The basement, third and forth floors I didn’t like. Dark and musty. The first floor is very chaotic.

Oh, and so much for thinking I can pass for a younger student. A 19 year old (age approximate) just said the following to me, “oh, excuse me MA’AM, you can use this computer”. Which, while I applaud her manners and consideration, MA’AM? Really?

Other campus improvements? Purell dispensers everywhere. I may not even need to bring my own.

Who are we kidding? Of course I’ll bring my own!



The Commons building has this filtered water dispenser behind the water fountains. Perfect for refilling your own bottle! I’m so happy…

Protected: Day 1, kinda

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